HF Holidays Member-only webinar

HF Holidays hosted a live Member-only Q&A webinar on Wednesday 27 October 2021. Chaired by Sarah Kucera, Head of Governance, and hosted by Malcolm Oliver, Chair of the Board, and David Harrington, CEO, it was an opportunity for Members to ask questions directly to the Society. If you were unable to join the live Member Q&A Webinar, a recording of the event can be watched below; click play to watch.

Thank-you for all the questions received before and during the Member Q&A and for all the positive comments we have received about it. We are very pleased that it was valued and appreciated by Members and we will, as suggested by Members, institute two Member Q&As each year to increase our engagement with Members and enable our membership to assist in the development of our Society. The next Q&A is scheduled for the 30 March 2022. Invites will be sent to Members in February 2022.

As stated in the Member Q&A on 27 October 21, we promised that any questions not answered specifically or as part of a more general response to several similar questions would be answered and shared on our website.

We would also like to apologise to those Members who experienced moments of freezing during the live stream. Some brief connectivity issues were experienced during the webinar and our IT and portal advisers are helping to find a solution to prevent any future issues. We hope that the vast majority of questions did receive a response during the meeting but we set out below some questions which we ran out of time to answer on the day. The themes of some of these questions were addressed in the webinar but, for fullness, we have provided responses .

HF Member webinar queries

1) What progress has been made regarding EV charging? There were 3 questions on this topic that have not been addressed. (Kathryn Turner & Yvonne Palmer)
During the webinar David confirmed that focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability is a key priority for HF Holidays. We are investigating recharging stations for electric vehicles and green energy solutions and these developments will be part of our programme for the development of your estate as we move forward. We have appointed a sustainability consultant to support us with this work, and are considering an Energy Manager, to challenge our performance in this area.