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North America does everything on a grand scale. Big cars, wide roads, large portions of food and vast swathes of pristine wilderness which have long been a draw for lovers of the great outdoors. The iconic list of national parks that protect such areas are justly famous – and are a focus of our walking holidays on this great continent.

Once-in-a-lifetime moments are easy to come by here. Stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon for jaw-dropping views of red striated rock as far as the eye can see or feel the heat in the hottest place on Earth in the surreal landscapes of Death Valley. Time in Yellowstone delivers the exciting experience of the Old Faithful geyser spurting boiling water high into the air and the impossibly bright colours of the mineral-rich Grand Prismatic Springs.

In the far north, the wilds of Alaska are home to black bears, moose and caribou while the Harding Icefield Trail delivers spectacular views of an enormous glacier. Your American dream starts here.

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