Walking Holidays & Sightseeing Tours in North America

Hiker at the Glacier Point with View to Yosemite Falls and Valley in the Yosemite National Park, California, USA

Explore the USA & Canada on foot

The USA and Canada have much to offer lovers of the great outdoors with their vast areas of national park protecting precious wilderness and wildlife. In the course of a walking holiday or sightseeing tour to the USA, stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon for jaw-dropping views, wonder at the formation of the sandstone rock arches and pinnacles in Arches National Park or feel the heat in the surreal landscapes of Death Valley – the hottest place on Earth. For cooler climes, head for Alaska or Canada – with their sublime scenery of lakes, forest and mountains, which are home to brown and grizzly bears, moose and magnificent bald eagles. Admire the world’s largest non-polar ice cap and drink in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.