The Old Bridge in Mostar

Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Serbia has had a turbulent past which has resulted in a wealth of cultural heritage being taken from both east and west. Competing powers at various times led to the migration of people into the state so that today it is multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-faith.

Serbia might not be top of your mind when it comes to a walking holiday, but the Zlatibor Mountains offer lovely routes through their forested peaks, pretty villages and to the viewpoint at the summit of Mount Cuker (4,458 feet). In the Uvac Special Nature Reserve, walkers are rewarded with spectacular views of the sharp meanders of the River Uvac as it carves its way through a rocky valley patrolled by Griffon vultures. So, if you want to uncover a lesser known but immensely interesting part of Europe, a walking holiday in Serbia is a good place to start.