Bada Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad Complex at early morning in Lodi Garden Monuments, Delhi, India

India is a huge and intriguing country with a fabulous kaleidoscope of chaos and colour. It’s far north is dominated by the mighty Himalaya and the tea-covered foothills while the tropical south is fringed by beaches lapped by warm seas; contrasting areas that offer completely different experiences when you explore on a walking holiday.

In the regal state of Rajasthan, India’s rich history is showcased with opulent palaces, ornately decorated forts and magnificent temples – reminders of the excesses of the Maharajahs and the conflict during British colonial rule. Kerala contains lesser-known jewels and a connoisseur’s walking holiday will take you on trails through the spice-scented hills and tea estates.

Each of the world’s great religions have their followers here which provides a variety of cultural flavours as rich and varied as the wonderful spice-filled cuisine. Uncover the heart and soul of this memorising country on a walking holiday in India and be captivated by its many charms